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Providing healthy alternatives for youth

Iqaluit is the capital city of the territory of Nunavut in Canada’s North. Home to approximately 7,000 residents, Iqaluit is a vibrant and growing community that holds much promise for the future. Located on the southern tip of Baffin Island in the arctic, it is a community accessible only by plane or boat.

Iqaluit’s population is a diverse mix of Inuit and other races and cultures, each leaving their own mark on the city to make it a unique blend of traditional and modern ways. With over half of the residents being under the age of 25, it is important that youth have access to recreational programs and activities. Iqaluit’s cold, dark months magnify the need for vibrant indoor recreational opportunities. Youth in the north face many challenges in their daily lives including suicide, domestic violence, loneliness and poverty. Providing healthy alternatives for youth is vital to ensuring this generation grows to be productive and contributing members of our City.

the challenge

Teaching children about water safety is vital to their well-being.

The City of Iqaluit lacks the facilities to meet the needs of the community. The current swimming pool is a leftover piece of infrastructure from the early 1970’s when Iqaluit (then Frobisher Bay) was still part of the Northwest Territiories. Located within one of the town’s hotels, it is small, outdated and is no longer able to meet the demand. With a capacity of 35 people, kids will often line up for up to 2 hours before a public swim in hopes they will get a chance to participate.

The majority of traditional Inuit activites in Nunavut take place in, on and around the water, teaching children about water safety is vital to their well-being.

How you can help

The City of Iqaluit has identified the need for a new aquatic centre as the number one infrastructure priority for the City.

As a result, an aggressive fundraising campaign has begun. Under the banner name of REACH, it is hoped that 10% of the overall cost of the swimming pool will be raised through REACH and the rest obtained through City reserves, Federal and Territorial funding and other programs. Personal donations are tax deductible and all contributions will be recognized.

Sponsorship opportunities exist for business, service clubs and other groups. Along with the established levels of sponsorships, there are other great opportunities that are open for discussion.

It is hoped ground will break on the first phase, featuring the new aquatic centre, in 2013/14. Please help us achieve our goal by contributing as a REACH Corporate Sponsor today!

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